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The first place to see what becoming an entrepreneur can look like. You will receive a Licensed software application as recommended by our Top advisers.

1165 Feature rich application that will Manage every aspect of your future empire. CORE is based on the Anything-Anywhere-Anytime principal and can be loaded on a local PC or Hosted on the internet. So if you currently a single operator we have you covered, and when you grow we can support your Team not matter how big you get.

  • 2 Hours support training on “Get Me Started”, delivered directly to you online.
  • 3 months product support (not regarded as training)
  • Access to other professionals who already use this platform

With this application you can centralise all DATA, use the one record principal and attach every Communication, (E-mails, Phone calls and Faxes), Documents, Notes, Financials, Product Control, Event Bookings, HR, PR, ICT and much more …

You will replace over 12 other subscription apps that would cost an estimated $300/User/Month, with 1 App that will cost an estimated 25% of this figure, (talk it through with your Consulting Manager).

smartAPP for a smartINVEST, yes you have invested in a future that allows you to Focus on the Service or Product you are most passionate about and not getting a system built to do business.

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