CRM for Users – Major Elements

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CRM for Users – Major Elements


Online CRM training for Users. We take you through the major elements and provide suitable support to have you master this application.

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You can make an investment in your business by purchasing our 10 online lesson ticket.

Whats on offer:

  • Ongoing instruction for the major functions
  • Learn E-mail management
  • Learn Field set-up and management
  • Learn Task management
  • Learn Diary and Time management
  • Learn Document management
  • Learn Job tracking
  • Learn Account control
  • Learn Stock control
  • Learn Sales management
  • Learn Automated data entry
  • Learn … well you get the drift.

The one hour sessions will provide the access to learning for yourself, and the ability to get the most out of your CRM app.

Addition sessions can be an option, and we also provide a Administrator level programme.

Onsite/in house training is an optional and is usually charged out at $145/hour with a maximum number per room of 10.

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